VHappy has a Vision to "Facilitate the consumption of veg-friendly and ecological in Spain, acting as a complete guide for those who adopt that lifestyle by providing a high quality service that meet the needs of our consumers."


VHappy goes to: 


  • A vegan, vegetarian and ecological consumer, interested in trying exclusive products, motivated by innovation, healthy eating, ethical and responsible consumption of products and services.
  • To companies of the Hospitality and Retail industries, suppliers of innovative products and services that support healthy eating or directly or indirectly support the philosophy of the VHappy community.
  • Initially in the Spanish market, with the aim of introducing it in other countries in the future. Starting with neighbouring countries who are very active in these type of communities such as the United Kingdom, Germany and later the rest of the EU.




VHappy  considers as part of its Mission:

  • Support initiatives of both private and public organizations of spreading the benefits of the vegan and vegetarian philosophy as well as the use and consumption of organic products, to incorporate it into both the daily diet and the lifestyle of each individual.
  • Promote the sector both privately and through government entities , because these campaigns have been shown as a factor of success in other countries and promote responsible and sustainable practices with the environment and their living beings.
  • Communicate to our members the quality, ethics, safety, reliability, national origin and value of the products and services that we show and promote.
  • Collaborate with distributors / suppliers and the hospitality sector, among others, especially with establishments that share our vision of healthy, ecological and sustainable food.
  • Establish partnerships with schools, academies, hotels and associations for innovation and constant development of vegan, flexitarian and vegetarian diets, differentiating from competitors and satisfying the needs of customers.
  • Contribute to the development of the local economy, its products and the generation of wealth
  • We promote healthy habits and we completely reject the suffering of animals and the indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources and all the beings that inhabit the planet.


VHappy has these values: 

  • COMMITMENT (with the well-being of the clients, through an excellent quality of service offering increasingly better products adapted to their needs).
  • INNOVATION (invesgting on the novelty of designing a mobile app and user-friendly website giving the best experience to the consumer, exceeding expectations).
  • ECOLOGICAL, orientation to products, services and healthy food and respectful of the environment. offering our clients an image that is committed to the environment, health and inner well-being.
  • SUSTAINABILITY. Contribute to a cleaner, fairer world and the conservation of natural resources. One more form of respect for nature and towards other beings in it.
  • Take advantage of the positioning of the Spanish brand both in the ecosystem, as well as in gastronomic products and quality materials, free of animal suffering.
  • MODERN. Always offering a fresh, clean and UptoDate image, suitable for a company in the most demanding and innovative sector.
  • Offer a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE, showing a clear and fast image that guarantees the expectations and beliefs of our demanding users.

TOGETHER, Let's all develop a state where we incorporate nature back into ourselves .

Greetings from VHappy