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Today, in response to the digital landscape shifting rapidly more towards mobile, video, branded sharable content and programmatic trading, we have given birth to a brand spanking new suite of advertising products. Through embracing new technology for the real ROI benefit it offers our partners when we use it right, we enabled some clever and robust targeting solutions, rich media capabilities and native ad experiences, which is complimented with our huge, cross platform reach across Spain and beyond.

We aim to rejuvenate the traditional way of advertising on Vhappy by combining these powerful solutions to create inspiring and original stories, relevant to the brand and audience, which can both entertain or help the user and provide a meaningful outcome for our partners. We invite you to be part of our journey and tell your story, it’s just the beginning...our audience awaits.

How can we help you?

Our users – who they are and how they use our platform – presents a powerful opportunity for advertisers to connect with audiences across Spain, both nationally and via local communities.

If you’re looking to integrate advertising in a way that drives strong performance and response, or simply looking for ideas and inspiration, we think we have the answer.

Run of Site Display Advertising

Our Banner Campaigns are primed for maximum impact and performance.

Starting with precision targeting, we heavily optimize and place a lot of emphasis on viewability – thanks to our sticky ad-tech, our ads stay firmly in place as users browse and scroll given them the best user-experience.

Mobile & App Display Advertising

We ́ve put advertising high on the agenda of our optimized mobile friendly-site as on our market-leading apps. With high-impact formats your campaign is in prime position to read that all-important small screen audience.

Email marketing Campaigns

Communicate with our clients via email to notify news, promotions, new products, services, menus, activities and personalized invitations. Our email marketing services includes:
Creativity & Concept Design : Creativity, design and generation of the content needed for the design of the piece.
Programming: Programming of the part in its respective format, with the necessary qualities for a correct reception of the mail.
IdenIdentification: Automatic response creation and identification of campaign queries to measure results.
Delivery: created from the Vhappy email platform but delivered with your brand and content.
Results & Reporting: Analysis of the results studying in detail the amount of Open rate, clicks (CTR), forwardings, etc. Once the final analysis of the campaign is completed, we will then send you a report.

Video Advertising Campaigns

Distribute your advertainment to grow your brand, the right way. By using video advertising on you will be giving our customers a more holistic picture.

Feature your Brand

With the feature advertising service, automatically raises your ad to the first positions and appears as outstanding.

You can be featured locally, in the filter or just appear as a featured company in the home page.

Why advertise?

  • is Spain’s only vegan, vegetarian and ecological platform to the world.
  • Fast growing industry with over 3,000,000 possible customers
  • Web and Mobile platform reaching out to all your potential customers
  • Advertising is a great way of guaranteeing visitors see your business first and that you are top of mind when they plan their trip

Advertising opportunities available:

  • Banner adverts that run on
  • Sponsored features ads that run to either all our customers or tailor-made
  • Super Premium Video Adverts
  • e-Newsletter (email marketing) Adverts are thematic and are a single send
  • Mobile push notification campaigns per area or to our full list of customers
  • Sponsorship of our regular events., Spain's premier vegan, vegetarian and organic destination, aims to promote exclusive products and services of suppliers of these communities, showcasing their brands to a wider audience.

If you provide services or sell products to the vegan, vegetarian and organic community in Spain (or from any parts of the world) and interested in featuring your brand in, please join us by clicking Here.

We look forward to welcoming you to be part of!