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VHappy is a search platform for vegan, vegetarian and organic suppliers and establishments in Spain. Some providers offer discounts to our partners. From restaurants, boutiques, hairdressers, ice cream shops, clothing stores to dieticians. All, the more than 2,000 suppliers , with a common goal, offer the best service / product to the VHappy community.

VHappy is a platform that connects the vegan, vegetarian and organic community in contact with suppliers in Spain. Each member can find more than 2,000 establishments such as restaurants, boutiques, hairdressers, ice cream shops, clothing stores to dieticians / private nutritionists.

All with a common goal, to offer the best animal-cruelty free service / product to the collective. Some of these also provide our members discounts of up to 20%.

VHappy offers this platform totally free to all suppliers and customers. The members, If interested, can upgrade to a Premum membership for lifetime minimum payment. Once/If purchased, they can get up to 20% at hundreds of places  in Spain and also have access to our community page. This latter will allow you to communicate with other members across Spain.

The Community Chat (social) of VHappy will change your way of communicating and maintaining relationships with all those community members who share your values, becoming the main way for social communication. Perfect for recommendations, feedback and grow your connections.

Location is used to share places near your location, and to inform you of local events and updates from your favorite suppliers. (notifications can be turned off in the profile settings).

In other words, with your location, we can give you a better experience of the web and mobile app.

The abbreviations are V (Vegan), VT (Vegetarian), VF (Vegan-Friendly: Options V and VT), E (Ecological/Organic) and they serve so that you can identify your type of user and/or access establishments based on these classifications.

You can also check this glossary for more information. Although for more general knowledge of these terms, click here and you will see the definitions.

Your Date of Birth (DoB) is needed to confirm your account if you lose access some day, and also because all users who join must be 18 years of age or older for legal reasons.

If you forgot your password and cannot access your account, on the "Login" page, click on the option that says, "Reset password". There, you must enter your email address, we will then send you a link to start the process of recovering your password.

 Your username is the online ID you use in VHappy. It is displayed next to your profile, all your reviews, posts or other contributions on the site. 

There are two types of usernames:

• Screen name, which is the name created by yourself, such as BestVeganHappy19.

• Descriptive name, which is your name plus the initial of your surname, such as John Doe.   

When you have added your name and surname to the profile, you can choose to display a descriptive name instead of your screen name. 

 To change your name or username, edit your profile.

1. Login to  your Profile. Click Here

2. Click Edit profile

3. Add the information and save it

Unfortunately, it is NOT possible to change the email since each member is linked to the email they used for the initial registration.

By default, your email address is hidden from public view. You will always be able to see your email address in your private profile.

To see your profile the way others see it, click on "View Profile"  next to your avatar.

1- First start the session, and then go to your profile page. Click on "Change Avatar". From there you can choose to upload your own image (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif formats) by selecting "Upload image".

Then the option to choose an image stored on your computer will appear. After choosing the image you want, click on "Save changes" to complete the process (this process may take some time to load depending on your file size - 1 MB maximum size).

2- Your newly loaded image will immediately appear in your profile. It will be small, and you can click on the image to enlarge it.

3-You can also select from any of the predefined avatars of your choice.

4- If, for some reason this does not work and your avatar now shows a broken link, please repeat this process after confirming the size and type of your photo meets the requirements. If this does not work, please contact us with details, thanks.

The procedure is the same as uploading your own avatar, for the first time. Once on your profile page, click on "Change Avatar". From there you can select an existing avatar image or upload your own by selecting "Upload image", and go to a personal image stored on your computer.

Click "Save changes" to complete the change.

To permanently delete your user account as a member you must log in for the first time. Next, visit your profile page and click on the link in the bottom left of the "delete profile".

Note: We hope you do not want to leave VHappy due to something we have missed on our page or issue with a member, staff or supplier. If this is the case, please send us an email and we will help you to solve any doubt / problem.

If you want to give your opinion/review about some aspect of the stay, such as your experience in an establishment of one of our suppliers, leave an opinion/review to share your impressions with other members. The opinions will be published in the profile of said supplier and they will have the possibility of answering them. 

If you have not yet left the establishment, inform the owner about your complaints, feedback or incidents so that he can attend them properly. It is very important that you do not leave it for when you return home, unless it has been impossible for you to contact the owner.

Accompany your review/complaint with photos and videos that serve as proof and include any documentation, such as receipts or important correspondence.

Once you publish the review, this cannot longer be edited nor deleted. Therefore, please do it carefully, write your real opinion before submitting the review. The supplier will be able to respond to your review accordingly.

If you have any problems and need help, we advise you to keep reading this FAQ page, where you should find an answer to the vast majority of questions you have.

You can also go to our contact us page to send us a complaint or if you need any other help.

Just select the problem or request that corresponds to your case, fill in the information and send it to us, we will write you within 24hrs to 48hrs.

We are here to help you in whatever you need! 

You can communicate with us through different channels: 

Email: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You just have to select the reason for the contact and your message. To send your request through the form, click here

Social Media Networks: Our team is always very attentive to what you write to us on social media. However, to ensure that your message will reach us, it is important that, if you contact by Facebook, that you do it directly by inbox message or through comments in the publications of our wall. If you are more of Twitter, do not forget to mark us with @Vhappy_. And for the instagramers, we hope you like us on Instagram.  

Whichever means of contact you choose; our team will be ready to give you the best attention =)

To follow a provider, a brand, click on the heart icon (Resultado de imagen para corazon) in the profile of each provider in the list. You can also go to the profile in question and click on the "favorite" button. 

When you start to follow a provider, you will always appear on the main page of "my favorites" and whenever that provider makes a new announcement like recipe, special offer etc, on the platform, you will receive a notification.

Vicky is our illustrative pig. Designed as part of our branding and just for your entertainment.

1 - All members have the option to upgrade to a Premium membership for a lifetime minimum cost

2 - Access your Premium account where you will find your member’s Virtual Card

3 - Show this Card from your device to the business staff.


4 -The establishment validates your member’s Virtual Card and applies the corresponding discount.


To have that member ID and Virtual Card you have to upgrade to a Premium Membership from the platform. 

Once the Premium account is purchased, all access to the platform will be activated indefinitely.

In establishment’s profile you can see, clearly detailed, if they have discounts and what discounts they offer.

You can find the establishments, services, articles or professionals you may need. Filter by type if business like Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic, by location nearest to you or any other extra service you require.

As a representative of your business, registering as a supplier to VHappy is simple and FREE

All you have to do is share some information, such as the business name, address, description and pictures of the business, so that our members in the vegan, vegetarian and organic communities can find you.

As a supplier, to access the VHappy control panel, and all the free marketing tools it includes, all business owners must complete a process to register and verify their identities and affiliation with the business. This allows us to provide a layer of security to the community and the business profile. 

You should fill in the four initial fields with your name, email, business name and registration number (CIF) etc. Click on Register my business. 

You will receive an email to verify that you are the owner of the email. This will be verified by clicking on the "Continue my Registration" link of the email. 

When you have done so, a form will appear where you can make the following steps: 

  • Reset your password
  • Finish your registration with your business info.
  • Update the info and services of your establishment. 
  • Upload and edit photos/videos. 
  • Manage reviews
  • Get more reviews 
  • Create and change your password 
  • Advertise your business 
  • And much more!

For more information on how to register in the control panel and verify your identity, you can contact us. 

• Your services/Products listed in Vhappy

• Backlink (direct link) to your website

• Control of your profile with your own private access to manage data, opening times etc

• Up to 5 photos of your profile + logo

• Contact section with social media

• Reviews/ Content management

• Advertising options

The abbreviations are V (Vegan), VT (Vegetarian), VF (Vegan-Friendly: Options V and VT), E (Ecological/Organic) and they serve so that you can identify your type of user and/or access establishments based on these classifications.

You can also check this glossary for more information.

In VHappy, there are permanent places of interest for the vegan, vegetarian and sustainable/organic community. Whenever we verify that a business or place of interest meets our specifications, we add it to our website.

To consult the specifications of the profiles, you can easily see the type of place you are interested in:

• Restaurants

• Beauty (Hairdressing and aesthetics)

• Dietitian

• Accommodations/Hotels

• Cooking classes

• Vegan Tattoo

• Animal-Free Accessories

• Textile/Retail

• Much more

To know all the VHappy classifications, just go to the home page and look for the filters.

Firstly, reviews from members cannot be edited. Access your supplier’s profile and click "Manage" in the review section. From there you can see a complete list of all the comments they have written about your business. Just scroll down to find the particular revision you want to change, click "respond”.

This will allow you to respond to your customers directly from the review. You can only respond once per review

NO. We do not require a contract. However, we require that your business be active and have a valid registration number (CIF) number. This is the way we verify your business.

Yes. You can cancel or perform other actions on your control panel at any time you want through the Edit profile page.

Even activate and deactivate your profile.

To permanently delete your user account as a provider you must log in for the first time. Next, visit your profile page and click on the link in the bottom left of the "delete my profile" page.

It is important that you inform us as long as you unsubscribe your provider profile to our unsubscribe department. You must send us an email to with the name of your business as subject: example. DELETE SUPPLER : NAME OF BUSINESS 

Note: We hope you do not want to leave VHappy due to something we have missed on our page or issue with a member, staff or another supplier. If this is the case, please send us an email and we will help you to solve any doubt / problem.

VHappy offers you the possibility to advertise your business through various advertising options: videos, interviews, sponsorships, special promotion programs, featuring, banner, etc ... at very cost-effective rates and adapted to the needs of your business. 

NO MONTHLY MINIMUM (No contracts) No registration costs or monthly minimum investment. VHappy allows you to put your ads on the internet for very little money and without added costs of use. 

YOU CHOOSE HOW MUCH INVEST (Without scares or frights) With VHappy you have total control over your investment. Program the start and end dates of your campaigns and the type of ad you want. Example: banners, videos, push notifications, email marketing etc. 

You can purchase these packages directly from your supplier control panel under "VHappy Services" or request information without commitment by email to

For more information, you can go to our advertising page . With a fast -increasing community, now, more than ever, you must promote your business to stand out among the crowd.

And remember, if you're not there, you do not exist.

If you have any problems and need help, we advise you to keep reading this FAQ page, where you should find an answer to the vast majority of questions you have.

You can also go to our contact us page to send us a complaint or if you need any other help. 

Just select the problem or request that corresponds to your case, fill in the information and send it to us, we will write you within 24hrs and 48hrs.

You see that your business is published on the VHappy page and you would like to access and / or modify it from the suppliers control panel. To do this, you must contact our team through this form and follow the steps below.

- Go to Contact page

- Click on Supplier

- Click on the relevant enquiry  example: Problems with my supplier portal/view or technical support

- Put your message and press send.

Once your information is received, the suppliers team will contact you between 24hrs and 48hrs (within working days)

If you have chosen to offer Discounts to VHappy Premium members, keep in mind that they should only apply these discounts if they show you the Virtual Member’s  Card from their mobile devices in order to identify themselves as Premium users.

If the avatar is not interactive/ does not move, nor has a member number (as in the below image), the discount should not be applied as this means that it is not an active Premium member of VHappy.

If you have an online business, get in touch with the VHappy team

Once you register, you must add your business branch (s) filling out all these fields:

Exact address, Social media links, Description, Contact telephone number, Best images of what you offer (products / services) and of the establishments, opening hours and your type business i.e if you are Vegan, Vegetarian, mix etc

Once we get the registration of your branch, the VHappy team will moderate it and only if everything is complete and the classifications are correct, will they be published on the Web so that all our members can find you and enjoy your services (this can take between 24 and 48h).

You must respect both the Classifications (Vegan, Vegetarian, Eco or Veggie Options) and the type of Business (Maximum 3) both are moderated in your profile by the VHappy team continuously.

Your privacy and your personal safety are VHappy's top priorities. Any of your contributions, such as opinions, reviews or publications, will be associated with your username, not your full name. At no time will we provide your postal or email address, your full name or other private information to other Vhappy members, except in the following cases: 

• If you write private information, such as your full name, in an opinion or in a publication, we may publish it.

• If you have connected your Facebook and Vhappy accounts, we will show your full name to your Facebook friends who also use Vhappy. Get more information on the question about your privacy and the connection to Facebook. 

We will not send you junk mail, we will not sell your personal information or share it with other members. Vhappy members that you do not know will only see your username, even if you communicate with them through private messaging, unless you decide to include additional information in your posts.

For more information, read the privacy policy and the conditions of use.


When you use any of our services and platforms (Web, Mobile apps), we may use cookies to collect information. No, they are not the ones you eat, but small data files that are stored in browsers every time someone visits a website.

With cookies we all win, because, thanks to them, we can offer you the most personalized experience possible on our website.

To know more about cookies, check our cookies policy


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of new data protection laws that was enforced in the European Union (EU) on May 25, 2018.

The GDPR expands the rights of individuals over the privacy of their data in Europe making business more transparent with regards to the collection, storage and transfer of user data.

The GDPR is a unique set of rules that more effectively protect the personal data of people in the EU.

The new law also introduces some changes in relation to certain rights of individuals and the manner and time in which companies must respond to requests for personal data.

When you use our website or our mobile apps, you create a VHappy member or supplier account. During this process, we collect information corresponding to your registration and usage.

You can check the configuration of your account and the data it includes, as well as modify it in your profile.


We retain certain information to protect users and suppliers from any fraudulent activity. In order to detect fraud cases, monitor and avoid them, it is very important that we keep some data from old and current users.

We only keep this information for a period determined by the aforementioned objectives. Read our Privacy Policy if you wish to consult them in more detail. You can rest assured that your personal data will be treated with the utmost respect and will be completely confidential.

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If this has happened to you, we are sorry for the inconvenience. If you send us a message through our contact page with the page that you wanted to access before the error 404, we will try to fix it as soon as possible.

It could be a server or website error but it could also be that the page no longer exists.

We show you some of the features that you can enjoy within the VHappy website and which you can also access in-App.

The best thing is that you browse directly on our page, but here we show you the most accessible pages and our little piggy Vicky will guide you