Algas de Galicia

What is Algas de Galicia?

Algas de Galicia is a local project that aims to bring quality food to consumers of organic, BIO Galician products. To do this we have an online platform where you can find all kinds of organic and healthy products related to algae that are produced in the Galician estuaries. With a delivery service of 24-48 hours after purchase, it is one of the most efficient in bringing quality products to your table.

What kind of products do you offer?

We have a wide variety of healthy foods with seaweed harvested by hand in Galicia as well as a great catalogue of recipe books and macrobiotic diet books among others. Soon we will have news with a line of products that contain seaweed and favour the rest and care of our skin.

 Among the most outstanding products we highlight the dehydrated seaweed in large formats (500gr or 1kg) which are preserved for a long period of time. Kombu seaweed, Wakame and Sea Spaghetti are among the most popular.

How is seaweed produced and harvested in Galicia?

Galicia represents 35% of the Spanish coastline. It is a region with a great abundance and diversity of marine species and a deep-rooted seafaring tradition. These factors guarantee that on the Galician coast we have seaweed of unbeatable quality and rich in nutrients.

Harvesting ensures that the resources extracted from the sea are renewable and maintain the balance of the ecosystem. Harvesting is done by hand on the rocks and usually in the water, selecting and cutting the adult plants at their optimum moment of development, just before they wither.

After the artisanal work of selection and harvesting at sea, the fresh seaweed is checked, selected again and dried in low-temperature drying chambers to preserve its nutritional value to the maximum, and to be suitable for human consumption as a dehydrated vegetable or for the preparation of other foods with seaweed. In this way, the air and their own sea salts preserve them in a natural and long-lasting way.

What are the benefits of seaweed consumption and what uses can it be put to?

The benefits of seaweed are innumerable. Seaweed contains multiple nutrients which, when incorporated into our diet, provide us with multiple benefits.

To summarise, we can highlight the following properties of seaweed

It is the largest natural source of essential minerals (calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium...) and trace elements (practically all of them, especially iodine, silicon, zinc, manganese, copper, selenium...).
Proteins of high biological value: they complement the proteins of other foods, as they contain all the essential amino acids and the 9 non-essential ones.
Vitamins, especially those of the A and C groups.
Their abundant fibre is satiating and facilitates intestinal transit.
They strengthen bones, hair and nails.
In addition to nourishing us, they stimulate metabolism and circulation, help weight control and activate our defences.

Do you think that the VHappy platform can help people who want to consume organic products to find products like yours?

VHappy is definitely ideal for finding restaurants, recipes, healthy food, quality organic and BIO products. A meeting place to meet companies specialising in food that are environmentally responsible.

In addition, in the Market section you can buy vegan and healthy products!

 In conclusion, an ideal place to shop and share experiences if you are interested in healthy eating.

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