Have you ever wondered how the clothes you wear were made?

The fabrics with which some clothes or shoes are made may come from materials of animal origin (such as leather, silk, wool, feathers, even the hair of bison or rabbits) making in the manufacturing process there has been exploitation and animal cruelty.

Fortunately there are many vegetable materials such as cotton, hemp or viscose with which they are starting to design a lot of fashion making it much more ethical and sustainable. We talked to Lifegist, a local project that not only takes care of the materials but the whole human factor involved in the production process of their designs:

What is Lifegist and what does it offer us?

Lifegist is a sustainable fashion brand that was born in Madrid in 2013 to offer garments to those women concerned about environmental care, ethical and responsible consumption, and at the same time could feel attractive throughout the day.

We give priority to design, a careful architecture of the garments and timeless lines; it is fashion for women who enjoy fashion, but do not want to sacrifice their values of sustainability.

We work with certified fabrics, we produce locally in small workshops in Spain with the highest quality, because we are clear that a garment can be very sustainable, but if you do not use it and you do not look good with it, it is useless.

What makes fashion ecological and sustainable?

Sustainable fashion is not only because the fabrics and the garments themselves are made in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment.
There are other values as important (or even more than that) and that is to ensure that all human resources involved in the manufacturing process of the garment, do so in decent ethical and sanitary conditions.

In addition, contributing with a business model and a company value with social conscience and with a "long term" perspective in which we all count is of vital importance.

How is Lifegist clothing made?

When we decide to create new designs, we do it with fashion in mind, taking the design to our field with sustainable fabrics and with small details that make each piece special, maintaining the essence of timelessness.

Sometimes we try new fabrics to incorporate them into our store always from the concept of not producing "collections" each season.

Parallel to the design and pattern making process, is the selection of fabrics:

The materials we usually work with are certified organic cottons, hemp, and recently we started with Ecovero viscose from Lenzing, with which we are very excited as it offers great versatility in designs and has high environmental standards throughout its life cycle: from raw material extraction, production, distribution, to disposal.

We introduce pre- and post-consumer recycled fibers on an ad hoc basis and we also work with PET on an ad hoc basis, maintaining the concept of taking care of our customers' garments inside and out.

What are the people who wear Lifegist like?

Women who love fashion and want to dress sustainably 24 hours a day without having to sacrifice looking good.
They are extraordinary women, authentic and true to their values. They value things made with quality and good taste.

Do you think that platforms like VHappy can help people interested in sustainable products to find projects like yours?

Of course all information is little when it comes to sustainable fashion, but thanks to platforms like VHappy that filter in a rigorous way, with well-marked objectives and faithful to their values, they help to inform the consumer in a simple and clear way.


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