Sr. Matambre


This month we present Mr. Matambre, a take-away business in the center of Madrid with a wide variety of Veggies options suitable for all audiences. We talk to his manager, Carlos, who tells us how hard and dedicated this establishment is, and every day he offers different varieties of dishes, which he publishes on his famous blackboard.




What encouraged you to open a take-away business and what have been the challenges you have had to face?

I decided to become independent after several years as head chef and exhausted from the structure of the restoration to use. I was moved by the lack of freedom of action before the implementation of new proposals, motivated by social changes and eating habits. I believe that the current restaurant model is in decline, high personnel costs and infrastructure, lack of freedom for the client, closed and static letters, lack of adaptation to new trends ... etc. in this way I offer a service in permanent change, based on the seasonal product and absolutely adapted to the demand and satisfaction of customers, based on this I modify my offer, always trying to find the flavor and nutritional balance for the diner.

It is very expensive and starting is difficult: great competition, oversaturated market ... the main challenge is to offer an optimal level of quality at a very low price, because the margin is minimal, but I trust that this is perceived by the client and will seek your reward.

Why do you offer Veggie food among your food selections?

I could define my work as Mediterranean, traditional and market cuisine basically, without giving up winks to new techniques and updating dishes.

80% of the offer is vegetarian or vegan, I do not offer fish for sustainability reasons, I think we should leave recover marine resources, I only sporadically use seasonal crustaceans and molluscs to make some rice or patty. The same goes with white meat, as a complement to the elaborations, to release the client to lower their demand, taste and custom for the intake of animal protein.

This project also encouraged me to change my working formula to reduce the environmental footprint of animal consumption, I believe that as a professional in the sector it is a matter of great responsibility to act accordingly, in addition to the well-known advantages it brings to our health.

Do you think it is important that non-Veggies (vegans and vegetarians) also try this type of food? Because of your experience in your establishment, are people encouraged to try it?

Not only do I believe that change is important, I believe it is urgent and necessary, since current consumption patterns are not sustainable in any way. It is rich, tasty, varied and fun.

The results in my case are being positive, there is awareness about it and they are entering the game.

What are your specialties and why should people be encouraged to visit your establishment?

Mediterranean rice dishes, soups, stews and cold creams, balanced and surprising combinations of flavors and ingredients, contemporary cuisine.

The prices are popular, the personal treatment and maximum respect for the satisfaction of the client, we look for the food to be comforting as  our primary objective.

We invite you to go to taste some of its varied gastronomic offerings !!! Which, by the way, we give faith that they are rich, tasty and fun! 😋 



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