About us

 is born from a deep reflection about the nature of the preservation of the world. Every decision regarding the living beings, the earth, the water and the air that surrounds us should be taken with respect and with an aim of conservation for future generations.

In this way, VHappy emerges as a way to connect people, wherever they are with those companies or businesses that offer products and services aimed at the vegan, vegetarian and ecological community in Spain through its website and app, acting as a directory from its online platform.

Since we are very open-minded to everything and everyone, if you are a business owner and have adapted part of your selection of products and services to the VHappy collective, we invite you regardless of your values, lifestyle and eating habits to prove what our platform can do for your business by connecting you with our community. We are, above all, a technological company that promotes the characteristics of good nutrition and ethics to give the consumer a social, useful and personal platform.