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Tour de Tapas Veganas junto con otras experiencias veggie en Madrid. Vegan Tapas Tour along with other Vegan Experiences in Madrid





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Madrid Vegan Travel ofrece todo tipo de Experiencias Veganas para tu estancia en Madrid. Ven a nuestro tour de tapas y degusta las mejores tapas veganas de Malasaña, descubre el tour de compras éticas, los tours privados, el vegan concierge, las clases de cocina, el viaje a Toledo y los santuarios y refugios de la ciudad. Así como itinerarios vegan-friendly por las zonas rurales de España. Madrid Vegan Travel offers you all the Vegan Experiences you may need during your stay in Madrid. Join or Vegan Tapas tour to taste the best selection of plant-based tapas in Malasaña, the ethical shopping tour, private tours to visit shelters and sanctuaries, cooking class with a vegan chef, vegan-friendly itineraries in rural areas, the online service Vegan Concierge, etc...

2 reseñas


15 abr 2019

Best tour ever!

My experience was totally awesome! The vegan guide gave us many advices about veganism in Spain and many stories about History, art, animal welfare, animal rights movement in Madrid, as many tips, anecdotes and funny info about the veggie scene. We absolutely loved it! For sure, this is not a common tour, this a true inmersion experiencie. We felt we had a vegan friend in Madird while walking through those beautiful streets. This tour felts different!!


15 abr 2019

Amazing vegan experience!

I recommend this tour very much. We had an excellent experience with the tapas tour, it was just great. The food was amazing, never thought it could be so good, the guide was so nice and efficient, she made us laught with so many nice stories! She told us about many things that in a "normal" tour they never say, things that are important for a conscious traveller. Also, we get to know many things about the ancient Madrid and the current vegan scene... well, it was a very good experience, I would do it again, it is all I can say


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